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“Everyday, I try to make decisions that protect Mother Earth.”

Always a creative and positive force, Susan Rockefeller is a documentary filmmaker, author, jewelry designer and avid conservationist. Her lifelong admiration and respect for the seas led her to get involved in ocean protection. “When I was a child, I would hunker down on the beach squinting, trying to spot a dolphin fin, a whale spout, even the iridescent tail of a mermaid. I love the ocean because it is full of mystery, soothes my soul and makes me aware of its immense power.”

Deeply committed to nurturing our planet, Susan is a board member of Oceana and chairs the Ocean Council for Oceana, is a board member of the We Are Family Foundation, is a member of the global Leadership Council for Natural Resources Defense Council and serves on the program committee for the Stone Barns Center for Sustainable Agriculture.

Who We Are

The Susan Rockefeller jewelry collection highlights the beauty and wonder of our oceans through timeless, elegant designs. Each piece is crafted with intention and serves as a beautiful tool to continue the global conversation about ocean protection and conservation.

What We Stand For

Protect What is Precious

We are passionate about making the world a more loving, peaceful and healthy place by protecting what is precious. We hold family, art and nature as our most precious gifts and encourage everyone to appreciate and engage with the beauty around us.